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This Ain’t A Happenin’

10 May


San Francisco, CA
This Ain’t A Happenin’: Transient Acts & Documents A Production of Beaubourg268 & the Slete Orcha Exploratory

Curator: Erenberg

Artists:  Sean Clute, Justin Faris, Jenny Galipo, Aimee Goguen, Jessica Gomula-Kruzik, Robert Hansen, Maxi Kim, Bunny Lampert, Jeff Mclane, Chris Peters, Josue Rivera, Katie Shapiro, Erenberg

When: Saturday May 22nd 2010 – 8pm – 1am

Where: Beaubourg268, San Francisco, CA.

Admission: $Donations (contributing artists Free Admission)

Guests: Contributing Artists and those Attending may bring up to 3-5 guests

What: BBQ/Open Bar/BYOB/Bring your own Pillow/Bonfire Madness

This Ain’t A Happenin’: Transient Acts & Documents

What might one say of a harbinger? The son of neither steed nor pursuivant. The weight of all things- as one’s personal experience with endurance and survival- may bring one’s concerns to a rather diluted state of cognizance. “This Ain’t A Happenin’ “ will discuss topics both imperative, yet coincidentally immutable. This will the S.O.E.’s 3rd bi-annual exhibition, as we present 13 fertile mishaps & honorable collaborations. We welcome you to an adventure in video, sound, illustration, photography, sculpture, text, and performative acts- held at the newly established Beaubourg 268.

What to Expect! Film Screenings will occur in the main bedroom at midnight. If you are planning on staying the night, please bring your own pillow- we have plenty of blankets available. Video Installations & Projections begin at 9pm. Music & chimney collaboration begin at 11pm, in the backyard den & the living room. Manifestos will be handed out throughout the evening of the event. Don’t forget to sign our guest/mailing list at the door!

Biographies of Exhibiting Artists

Aimee Goguen

Aimee Goguen is a video artist & documentarian born in born Spanaway, Washington. She is currently in post-production on her second feature film- since the completion of her BFA at California Institute of the Arts. At any given length, her work confronts psycho-sexual dillusions & investigations in video, illustration & animation. She currently resides in Southern California.

Sean Clute

Sean Clute is an inventor of video, sound, installation and
performance. He has built and performed in suspended pods, geodesic
domes and cacophonic sonic environments. Currently, Clute lives in
Berkeley California where he is Co-Artistic Director of DOUBLE VISION
and frequently feeds his neighbor’s hungry cat.

Jenny Galipo

Jenny Galipo a San-Francisco based artist who works across the fields of photography and text. She is currently working on her photographic ‘At Home’ series, and documenting current collective experiences through creative writing.

Josué Rivera

With a spectacular eager face and wonderful teeth, I hold no identity; hence my work revolves around dimensions of anticipation, space and generality. The Place, even a poetic, a gesture or an oracular sentence that carries with it an escape, or belief as a wager or thought as contradiction.


Erenberg encourages playing with your food, at all times. Over the past decade she has worked across a variety of media- including full scale photographic installations, and live performative video feeds. He/she conducts observations in memory, hallucinations, familial issues & other ‘distractions’. Her interpretations on human/animal psycho-social behaviorial disorders and hypnagogia, allow room to explore privy mental territories.

Jessica Gomula-Kruzic

Artist Jessica Gomula-Kruzic’s intermedia installation work employs the use of animation and video sequences projected into large scale installation environments which elicit viewer interaction and participation. Her work has been exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, in traditional and non-traditional settings. She is professor of Time Based Media at California State University, Stanislaus.

Vitamin Wig C

Vitamin Wig C started out between circuitrist Aaron Spafford and polluted water analyst Robert Hansen, in 2004. Vitamin Wig C plays on vocal prosody, electric porpoise calls and non-stinky techni-color stool samples from famous cartoon characters in the Yucatan Peninsula. Hansen is also the founder and creator of Astral Abuse Video Productions. His most recent video and illustration works can be viewed in the latest issue of the LA released magazine, Penne Ante.

Maxi Kim

MAXI KIM is the author of One Break, A Thousand Blows. His writing has been compared to the visual art of Richard Prince, Wallace Berman, and the films of Sofia Coppola.

Chris Peters

Chris Peters, faculty and director of the Video facility in the Program in Art at CalArts , is a Los Angeles-based multi-media artist . He has had one-person shows at Mario’s Furniture Gallery, Office Space, and Sundown Salon in Los Angeles. Co-wrote with John Wagner “Pre-post-erous” -a review of “La Jettee-Cine Roman” on the Electronic Book Review His work has also been shown in numerous group shows and film festivals such as Scott Donovan Gallery, Sydney, Sundance, LA Freewaves, NY Underground, Cinema Texas, CINEVEGAS, Cohen Leslie & Brown NY and Rosamund Felsen LA. and Barnsdal Art Park LA.

Bunny Lampert
Bunny Lampert majored in Photography and Media at California Institute of the Arts. She currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee making small sculptures and collecting light.

Jeff Mclane

Jeff McLane is an artist living and working in Los Angeles, California. Born in Oklahoma, his photographic works have focused on rural land function, urban landscape and image capture technology. He received his BFA from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), and is an active contributor of the Los Angeles based art collective From Here To There. Recent exhibitions include New Works, Bandit Gallery, 2009 and From Here To There presents From Here To There,Synchronicity Gallery, 2009.

Justin Faris

Justin Faris is a multimedia artist, born and raised in Southern California. From his paintings to his performative works, Justin explores the inner dialogue of social construct, and its relation to personal psychology as a basis for true ontology. His perspective of art in it’s relation to cultural pertinance and identity define his apprehension of spacial relativity- as the presence of myth as artifice. Justin spends his time traveling throughout the socio-cultural topography of California, and Puerto Vallarta, alongside his dog Bodie.

Katie Shapiro

Katie Shapiro is a Los Angeles based photographer. Born and raised in LA, she started photographing at age 13 when her father put a 35mm Nikon camera into her hands. She went on to earn her BFA in photography from the California Institute of the Arts. After graduating she created the local art collective, From Here to There, with fellow students. She no longer shoots with the Nikon her father gave her, but continues to photograph with a passion and to exhibit her work widely.

About Beaubourg268 and the Slete Orcha Exploratory

Beaubourg268 is a live/work space, ever so recently located in the South Bay San Francisco, CA 94132, Phone N/A-EMAIL ONLY. Gallery hours are by appointment only. For information on how to Apply for our Artist Residency Programme, Attend a Workshop, or to make a Donation: TheBeaubourg@Hotmail.com

The Slete Orcha Exploratory is an exhibition and performance group, for the investigative & meditative arts, founded in Oakland, in 2007. Neither Slete nor Orcha, are words that can be defined- as a basis relative to our group’s modus operandi. Events are held at Beaubourg268, and other venues around California, London, and your own backyard. In terms of future collaborations & events- we encourage individuals to express freely in their own medium. Furthermore, we stress the caliber of teachers as students and students as teachers themselves.

Founded & Created byz:  Maxi Kim – Editor, Interviews, Manifestos.  Erenberg– Curator, Reviews,  Video, Events Coordinator. Jenny Galipo – Perspective & Activities Coordinator. Robert Hansen – Editor, Reviews & Video Coordinator.   Josue Rivera – Website & Projects Management